Bill & Kelly - Destination Safari Wedding - South Africa

Kings Camp Private Game Reserve


"And think not that you can direct the course of love,

for love,

if it finds you worthy,

directs your course"

Khalil Gibran

So, all of this magic happened on the first day of 2017! Bill & Kelly surprised the family with a proper safari wedding celebration in the middle of the african bushveld. Everybody knew there was going to be a type of wedding celebration but what awaited them on the first day of 2017 took their breaths away!

This marvelous Canadian family was totally thrilled by their experience that day! They were whisked away to a enchanted little spot in the bush that was beautifully decorated, an ideal scene for Bill & Kelly to seal their bond. 

For the rest of the day it was just fun and games! There was a great deal of jokes, funny faces and just pure excitement.  For sure an amusing and enjoyable first day of the year.

Bill & Kelly, I enjoyed every moment of that day with you and your family! It was such an amazing experience to start this year with and I pray that the love between you and the love for your family be blessed!

Thank you to the incredible staff of Kings Camp! You made this unbelievable safari wedding for Bill & Kylie an experience of a lifetime! 

Enjoy the moments!!!

Lots of love

Louise xxx



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