Herman & Wilna - Hoedspruit Wedding

I want to be your favourite hallo


Your hardest goodbuy...

I am in the most fortunate position to ascertain the most precious and romantic love stories but with all honesty Herman & Wilna's story is one for the movies!

You know that life has a way of steering us in directions that we dont always understand or choose, sometimes that road is bumpy and agonising and it leaves us with terrible bruises. But what I have come to realise is that we have to trust the process in life! Faith and trust will lead you on this journey and the gift on the end of this road is worth every step!

For Herman and Wilma this journey has been extremely challenging. For many years their paths has been aligned but it never crossed, until one day....

It was such a emotionally joyfull day for Herman and Wilna as they finally tied the know at UmVangati House Near Hoedspruit. An absolutely spectacular venue with a view to die for.

Herman & Wilna, I can not express my joy to see two people so content and in love.  It has been a tremendous honour for me to meet your family and capture these priceless moments of your wedding day!

Enjoy the memories:)

Lots of Love

Louise xxx


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