Ian & Marie

Camp Jabulani Wedding

"It was a million tiny little things that, when you add them all up they meant that we were supposed to be together"

The great African Elephant, Jabulani, stands peacefully beside Ian and Marie as they lovingly gaze into each other's eyes.

Lost in the moment for a second too long Jabulani's curiosity gets the better of him, his trunk creeps between the couple as he gently attempts to take hold of Ian's boutonnière bringing laughter to all who were present.

Ian & Marie's unique Safari Wedding dawned on a beautiful summers day at Camp Jabulani and ended with a spectacular sunset and unexpected visit by the elephant herd.

Marie's love for elephants made their Safari Wedding experience with Jabulani a very precious moment and as their Wedding Photographer I was privileged to capture their special moments.

Enjoy the special memories guys!


Louise x

Louise meyer is an award-winning, south african photographer with an eye for detail. She has a special way of capturing moments between loved ones in the african bushveld, but isn't afraid of a challenge and shoots destination weddings of all kinds!

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