Rod & Julia

Jejane Private Game Reserve

"And remember, as it was written, to love another person is to see the face of God" -Les Miserables

Someone once said to me that it is an extraordinary thing to meet someone who can bear your soul to and accept you for what you are.  And indeed it is incredible if you think about it for a second.

I had the great privilege to met up with Rod & Julia earlier last year to discuss and design their safari wedding that took place at Jejane Private Game Reserve just outside of Hoedspruit. The day I met them, I knew the bond and energy between them was unique and exceptional and I knew that this wedding was going to be super special!

Because of the intense heat in Hoedspruit in December Rod & Julia decided to have their wedding ceremony at the break of dawn. The air was crisp and fresh and it was wonderful to experience the magic of the African Bushveld that time of the morning.

 The ceremony took place on a wooden deck and you had a spectacular view of a the bush! Julia looked absolutely stunning and everybody was in total awe when she walked down the stairs.

Later that afternoon we met up again to do their couple shoot in the the bush and once again, the African Bushveld did not disappoint! We were treated with with the most magical light and setting - any wedding photographer's dream!! The light painted rich overlays of gold, browns and blues across her canvas and I could carefully mould the two of them into this Godly painting.

It was Magic! Being a photographer that specialises in Safari Weddings is such a blessing and a gift because I am not just able to capture great moments between two people but I can blend the love of two souls into nature's canvas.

Rod & Julia - It was such a honour for me being your dedicated wedding photographer. You guys allowed me to witness and seize your most sacred moments and I know that these memories will stay alive! May your marriage be blessed with lots of love and great fortune!

Lots of Love

Louise x

Louise meyer is an award-winning, south african photographer with an eye for detail. She has a special way of capturing moments between loved ones in the african bushveld, but isn't afraid of a challenge and shoots destination weddings of all kinds!

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