Matthew & Marina


Two gorgeous lovelies from the United States being joined in holy matrimony on African Soil.

For Matthew and Marina, their perfect Safari Wedding in South Africa was a total dream came true!

Vuyani Safari Lodge was the most gorgeous venue for their wedding. It was a day full of light and love.

In my ten year career as a safari wedding photographer I have only been blessed with the most fabulous wedding couples.  

I must admit; other than other wedding photographers I only get to meet my bridal couples on the day of the wedding.

Matthew and Marina was nothing different, indeed a charming and sprightly couple. This was also my last wedding shoot for 2017 and I can with all honesty say that it ended with a spectacular wedding!!

When I arrived at Vuyani, I firstly met up with Marina while she was busy preparing for this big day that she has been waiting for months! She was very calm and in the same time super excited to finally see her handsome Matthew infront of the altar. Matthew I only met at the ceremony site; his smile and excitement while waiting for Marina was evident that he could not wait any longer to see his beautiful bride.

The ceremony site was perfectly situated overlooking a waterhole and the top of the Drakensberg mountains formed a perfect border to this magnificent picture.  The day was absolutely superb and was thoroughly enjoyed by the couple and their guests.

The day ended with a marvelous bush dinner perfectly created by the brilliant staff of Vuyani.  Just when the guests thought it could not get any better they were surprised by the magical performance of the  African Tribal Dancers.  

Matthew & Marina; I hope your Safari Wedding experience in Africa exceeded all your expectations. It was such a great honour being there and capturing all these immense moments!

Enjoy the memories.


Louise x

Louise meyer is an award-winning, south african photographer with an eye for detail. She has a special way of capturing moments between loved ones in the african bushveld, but isn't afraid of a challenge and shoots destination weddings of all kinds!

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