Ernst & Marijke

Lezar Opstal

A picturesque setting for an even more stunning couple. This was one for the books!

People often ask me if I get tired of photographing weddings.

It's like asking if one can get tired of breathing... or having your favourite chocolate mouse cake.  So the answer is a definite no! I was born to create and I have been fortunate enough that my journey has brought me to this specific point in time where I can sit back and enjoy the results of a passion that has now become a way of life.

Ernst & Marijke got married at Lezar Opstal, the most charming wedding venue just outside of Heidelberg in the picturesqueness Kloof of the Groenfontein district.

I was so delighted to be surrounded by family and to do what I love the most! The day was indeed super special and everything was just picture perfect.  I am off course a strong believer that when it rains on your wedding day that your marriage will be blessed! And so the heavens opened up as soon as they were declared husband and wive. For the next twenty minutes the sky anointed these two amazing souls!

The dark clouds started opening up and there it shaped the most magical background canvas!! Minutes later the sun graced us with its presence and we were able to capture the most breathtaking images.  Memories of a superb wedding day was created.

Ernst and Marijke - I feel so blessed that I can call you family and that I was fortunate to have been your wedding photographer at Lezar Opstal (a excellent choice).  I hope if you are reading this you will have a glass of wine in your hands. Throw your feet up and enjoy the trip down memory lane!!!

Thank you for choosing me!

Love, Louise X

Louise meyer is an award-winning, south african photographer with an eye for detail. She has a special way of capturing moments between loved ones in the african bushveld, but isn't afraid of a challenge and shoots destination weddings of all kinds!

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